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General Information: How the MIA can help

Homeowners and Renters Insurance

General Information about homeowners insurance
Condominimum Coverage
General information about renters insurance 
NEW - List of companies that offer specialty manufactured home insurance policies 

Earthquake Insurance
While a homeowner’s policy typically does not cover damages from an earthquake, consumers may be able to purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy or endorsement. The terms, conditions and exclusions in an earthquake insurance policy or endorsement will vary from one insurer to the next. Read the policy or endorsement, and talk to your insurance producer when considering your purchase of earthquake insurance. For more general information about such policies, see the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s brochure "A Consumer's Guide to Earthquake Insurance."
Rebuilding after your claim
General Information
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Video message on Creating a Home Inventory


Questions about Your Homeowners Policy
Homeowners Insurance Rate Book Guide