Consumer Advisory - Coverage for Water that Backs Up Through Sewers or Drains

Asesoría del consumidor: Cobertura para el agua que retrocede a través de alcantarillas o desagües
For an additional premium, you can purchase coverage for water that backs up through sewers when this back-up is not due to the negligence of the insured.  This coverage protects your home when water overflows a sump pump or sewage enters your home through pipes designed to carry it away.  Maryland law requires that your insurance company offer you this coverage.  Most companies offer several different coverage limit options.
If you have this coverage, most policies will pay for the damage done by the water or sewage that backs up into your home; however, most policies will not cover the cost to repair or replace the pipe.
Contact your insurance company or agent to get more information on this coverage.
For additional questions or information, please contact the Maryland Insurance Administration at (410) 468-2000 or (800) 492-6116 or visit our website.