About the Maryland Insurance Administration

Welcome to the Maryland Insurance Administration. The agency's goal is to provide efficient, effective service to both the consumers of insurance products and the insurance industry. Th​e Maryland Insurance Administration best serves its core constituents by ensuring fair treatment of consumers. This consumer protection begins by regulating the availability of insurance coverage at fair prices and extends to issues of solvency and fair sales, claims and settlement practices.

The agency strives to increase public understanding of the vital role insurance plays in the daily lives of Maryland residents and businesses. Insurance is the principal means of managing risks. While it is not possible to eliminate risks arising from poor health, auto accidents, home damage and other unexpected occurrences, you may minimi​ze its impact by purchasing appropriate insurance coverage.

Though the Maryland Insurance Administration cannot recommend a particular policy or insurance company, we can help you learn what types of coverage are available, at what cost, and assist you if you have a complaint about how your insurance company responds when you file a claim.

Our commitment to the insurance industry, including agents, brokers, and insurers, is no less than our dedication to consumers. We are, for example, committed to fairness in licensing and to the expeditious review of proposed new products and other filings. A viable, competitive insurance industry is essential to our mission of consumer protection. Our regulatory and enforcement efforts strengthen the environment in which the insurance industry operates in Maryland and we hope they encourage the insurance industry to find more and better ways to protect the residents and businesses of Maryland. Rigorous enforcement of all applicable statutes and regulations fosters a positive economic environment by assuring that those who comply with the law are not disadvantaged by those who evade compliance. 

Overview of Our Responsibilities

  • Protect Maryland consumers by regulating the state's insurance companies and producers.
  • Investigate complaints consumers have about their insurance coverage, including, but not limited to, life, health, automobile, and homeowners.
  • License insurance companies and producers operating in Maryland.
  • Conduct financial examinations of insurance companies to ensure solvency.
  • Conduct market conduct examinations to ensure compliance with Maryland's insurance laws.
  • Investigate acts of insurance fraud.
  • Review and approve rates and contract forms.
Click HERE for a list of contacts if you have general questions about the services provided by the MIA.

For additional information about the Maryland Insurance Administration, please visit the Maryland Manual Online.

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Kathleen A. Birrane
Maryland Insurance Administration


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