Consu​mers (Questions, Complaints, Outreach, Publications)

Note: To file a complaint, please use the online forms on the File A Complaint page.
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Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
​Consumer Questions or Complaints ​about Life, Health, Disability, Long-Term Care Insurance and Annuities ​Mary Kwei ​Chief, C​omplaints, Appeals and Grievance ​410-468-2244 ​410-468-2204 Email Us
​Consumer Questions or Complaints about Auto, Homeowners, Business, Property and Casualty Insurance ​Danilsa Marciniak ​Director, Property & Casualty​ Complaints ​410-468-2119 ​410-468-2307 Email Us
​Consumer Education* — to obtain copies of brochures, schedule a speaker or request participation at an event. *Producers seeking CE information should see box below​. ​Joy Hatchette ​Associate Commissioner, CEAU ​410-468-2029 ​410-468-2430 Email Us

Insurance Producer (Agent/Broker) - Entities and Individuals that Market/Sell Insurance

Note: Licensees contacting the MIA should include their license or registration number with any correspondence.

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
​Report a problem or concerns with a producer. ​Jeff Gross ​Chief Enforcement Officer 410-468-2256 ​410-347-5350 Email Us
​Questions about obtaining or renewing an Insurance Producer, Public Adjuster, Motor Club Representative or Portable Electronics Insurance license/registration Shelley Taylor-Barnes Director of Producer Licensing 410-468-2347 ​410-468-2399 Email Us
​Questions about obtaining or renewing a Title Insurance Producer, Insurance Adviser, Insurance Producer,Motor Club Representative, Surplus Lines Broker license/registration Shelley Taylor-Barnes Director of Producer Licensing 410-468-2347 ​410-468-2399 Email Us
​Questions about obtaining or renewing a Third Party Administrator, Viatical Settlement/Provider,  Motor Vehicle Rental Company/Franchisee,Insurance Producer license/registration ​Shelley Taylor-Barnes ​Director of Producer Licensing 410-468-2347​
​410-468-2399 Email Us
​Questions about Continuing Education and Exams for Producers Lorelei Brillante Education Analyst 410-468-2380​ ​410-468-2399 Email Us

Insurance Fraud & Producer Enforcement Division

Note: To report insurance fraud, contact Fraud Hotline at 1-800-846-4069.

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
Insurance Fraud & Producer Enforcement Division ​James Steven Wright ​Associate Commissioner ​410-468-3909​ ​410-347-5350 Email Us​

Insurance Company Licensing, Financial Examinations & Analysis

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
​Annual Statements ​Gorina Moody ​Examination & Auditing ​410-468-2106 ​410-468-2112 Email Us
Company Licensing ​Victoria Claros ​Director, Company Licensing ​410-468-2134 ​410-468-2112 Email Us
Financial Examinations ​Dmitriy Valekha Chief Examiner
​410-468-2149 ​410-468-2112 Email Us
​Financial Analysis Lynn Beckner Chief Financial Analyst 410-468-2126 ​410-468-2112 Email Us​

Market Regulation & Professional Licensing Division

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
Property & Casualty Market Conduct ​Kyle Lanasa Assistant ​Chief, Market Conduct Examiner, Property & Casualty 410-468-2330 ​410-468-2245 Email Us
Life & Health Market Conduct ​Theresa Morfe ​Chief, Market Conduct Examiner, Life & Health​ ​410-468-2237 ​410-468-2245 Email Us
Title Market Conduct
David Zitterbart Acting Assistant Chief, Title Enforcement ​410-468-2144 ​410-468-2245 Email Us​

Life & Health Rates and Policy Form Filings

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
Actuarial Health Rates
​Craig Prem ​Actuarial Assistant​ ​410-468-2046 ​410-468-2038 Email Us
Form Filing — Annuities, Credit Insurance, Life Insurance Nour Benchaaboun ​Director, Life, Annuities & Credit ​410-468-2170 ​410-468-2204 Email Us
Form Filing — Health Insurance ​Fern Thomas ​Supervisor, Forms Review ​410-468-2254 ​410-468-2204 Email Us​
Form Filing — HMO & Managed Care Valerie Roebuck Acting Supervisor, Managed Care 410-468-2227 ​410-468-2204 ​​Email Us
​Form Filing — Life Insurance Nour Benchaaboun Director, Life, Annuities & Credit 410-468-2222 ​410-468-2204 Email Us
Guaranty Fund — Life & Health Nour Benchaaboun Director, Life, Annuities & Credit 410-468-2222 ​410-468-2204 Email Us​

Medical Directors for HMOs & Private Review Agents (Utilization Review)

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
Medical Director & Private Review Agent Certification
​Karen Lam Chief, Health Insurance and Managed Care ​410-468-2212 ​410-468-2204 Email Us

Property & Casualty Rates and Form Filings

Issue​ Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
Property & Casualty — General
​Marsha Hall ​Supervisor ​410-468-2314 ​410-468-2306 Email Us
Property & Casualty — Administration, Surplus Lines Eligibility ​Ron Coleman ​Director ​410-468-2310 ​410-468-2306 Email Us
​Questions about Submission of Filings, SERFF, Plans of Withdrawal ​Alicia Jackson Intake Analyst​ ​410-468-2312 ​410-468-2306 Email Us
Rate & Form Filing — Private Passenger and Commercial Automobile, Medical Malpractice
​Marsha Hall Supervisor ​410-468-2314 ​410-468-2306 Email Us​
Rate & Form Filing — Commercial Lines, Crime, Fidelity, Surety, Bonds, Warranty​ ​Marjorie Langott Analyst ​410-468-2319 ​410-468-2306 Email Us
Rate & Form Filing — Premium Finance Companies, Motor Clubs, Mechanical Breakdown, Vehicle Service Contracts, Travel, Commercial Lines ​Taylor Ermer
Rena Lee
Analysts ​410-468-2335
​410-468-2306 Email Us
Email Us
Rate & Form Filing — Homeowner and Dwelling Fire, Windstorm Exclusions and Moratoriums for All Lines, Refusal to Write Based Upon Geographic Location Shirley Corbin Review Analyst 410-468-2316 ​410-468-2307 Email Us
Rate & Form Filing — Status of Filings, Appointments to Review Filings, Questions About Filing Fees and Submission of Filings Alicia Jackson Intake Analyst 410-468-2312 ​410-468-2306 Email Us
Risk Purchasing Group Registrations Marsha Hall Supervisor 410-468-2314​ ​410-468-2306 Email Us
Statistical Reporting — Actuarial Issues, Data Calls, Rate Guides, Workers Compensation, Medical MalpracticeOn-Line Closed Claim Reporting), Title Linas Glemza Actuary 410-468-2044 ​410-468-2038 Email Us​

Office of the Commission​er

Issue Title Phone Fax​ Email
Kathleen A. Birrane
Insurance Commissioner 410-468-2090 ​410-468-2020 Email Us

Gregory M. Dewart
Deputy Commissioner 410-468-2002 ​410-468-2020 Email Us
Victoria August Associate Commissioner for Hearings
410-468-2010 ​410-468-2020 Email Us
​Korey Boone ​Chief of Staff ​410-468-2004 ​410-468-2020

Email Us

Other Staff Functions

Issue Name Title Phone Fax​ Email​
Counsel ​J. Van Lear Dorsey ​Principal Counsel ​410-468-2023​ ​410-468-2086 Email Us
Fiscal ​Spencer Harris Fiscal Services
410-468-2107 ​410-468-2396 Email Us
Procurement ​Katrina Lawhorn ​Procurement Specialist Supervisor ​410-468-2374 ​410-468-2020 Email Us
Premium Tax ​Phil Ermer ​Special Projects Manager ​410-468-2153 ​410-468-2101 Email Us
Management Information Systems Paula Keen Chief Information Officer 410-468-2059 ​410-468-2061 Email Us
Communications, Media Relations Craig Ey Communications Director 410-468-2488 ​410-468-2020 Email Us
Web Content Joseph A. Sviatko III Public Information Officer 410-468-2458 ​410-468-2020 Email Us
Webmaster Minu Sinha Webmaster 410-468-2053 ​410-468-2061 Email Us
Human Resources Tracey Dailey Director, Human Resources 410-468-2463 ​410-468-2452 Email Us
Government Relations Michael Paddy Government Relations Director 410-468-2408 ​410-468-2020 Email Us
Regulations Lisa Larson Regulatory Affairs Manager 410-468-2007 ​410-468-2020 Email Us​