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Maryland Insurance Administration debuts Spanish and Korean website sections

Spanish: Anuncio: La Administración de Seguros de Maryland estrena secciones del sitio web en español y coreano
Korean: 권고: 메릴랜드 보험 관리국, 스페인어 및 한국어 웹사이트 섹션 시작

BALTIMORE – The Maryland Insurance Administration has created new Spanish and Korean language sections on its website with publications, advisories and other consumer information, Maryland Insurance Commissioner Kathleen A. Birrane announced.

The Maryland Insurance Administration posts a wide range of consumer advisories, publications and videos with information about most types of insurance – including health, life automobile, homeowners and commercial insurance. The Administration also offers information on avoiding and reporting suspected insurance fraud and how to file an insurance complaint.

Links to the Spanish and Korean sections are prominently displayed on the Maryland Insurance Admistration home page:  https://insurance.maryland.gov

Special Note: The Maryland Insurance Administration remains fully operational during the COVID-19 emergency. If you would like to file an insurance complaint, please use our online portal:https://enterprise.insurance.maryland.gov/consumer/ConsumerPortalWelcomePage.aspx

About the Maryland Insurance Administration

The Maryland Insurance Administration is an independent State agency charged with regulating Maryland’s $28.5 billion insurance industry. For more information about the Insurance Administration, please visit www.insurance.maryland.gov or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MDInsuranceAdmin, Twitter at @MD_Insurance, LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/maryland-insurance-administration  or Instagram at @marylandinsuranceadmin.