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The Maryland Insurance Administration develops new webpage devoted to Maryland’s Health Care Provider community

BALTIMORE – The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) today announced that it has improved its website by designing a new webpage to better serve a key stakeholder group: Health Care Providers.
“Our agency spends a lot of resources to engage in outreach with all of our stakeholders,” said Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer, Jr. “It became apparent that not all providers know that we are here, or how we can serve them. This provider specific access is one of many tactics that we are deploying to better serve this important part of the health care industry.”
The Life and Health Complaints Unit routinely hears from the provider community on topics such as prompt pay, clean claims, credentialing and issues of retroactive claims. As a result of these calls, the MIA acted to simplify access to information on these topics.
The addition of a provider webpage continues the MIA’s goal to provide efficient, effective service to both the consumers of insurance products and the insurance industry. Identifying this area of need furthers our commitment to Marylanders.
To access the new Provider page, click here.
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