Phishing Event Alert

​Please be advised that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Security Team has notified the Maryland Insurance Administration (Administration) of an email phishing event.

The Administration was informed that a phishing attack on producers had occurred on or about September 3, 2019. A sample of the email is provided below.

The NAIC has received several calls and emails from producers indicating that emails have been received with the following variants:

  • The email presents itself as from versus a gmail account. This is not a valid NAIC address.
  • While the NAIC believes that the initial email phishing event occurred in Wisconsin, it has spread to other states (Illinois, Minnesota, Washington).
  • The email content has been slightly modified from the original (attached) version.

At this time, the Administration is providing this information to all resident and non-resident Maryland producers in case the issue expands to your state.

If you receive an email with National Association of Insurance Commissioners as the subject line and the email contains a link, this is a phishing email. Click HERE to see example.

Questions may be directed to Erica Bailey at (410) 468-2113 or William Donahue at (410) 468-2347.