Company Filing Requirements

This section provides instructions, forms and information to companies on various financial and other data filings required by the Maryland Insurance Administration. For information on Rates and Forms Filings, see the Rates and Forms section.​​​​​

Summary of Maryland Required Filings


This summary is meant to help place insurers, nonprofit health service plans, health maintenance organizations, dental plan organizations, pharmacy benefits managers, producers and other "regulated entities" authorized to do business in Maryland on notice of certain reporting requirements that are enforced by the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA). The attached summary chart is intended only as a convenient reference and is not a statement of the MIA's interpretation or enforcement of these reporting requirements. This summary is not to be taken as inclusive of all reporting requirements and is not a substitute for full knowledge and compliance with Maryland law and regulations.

Industry Assessments


Annual Statement Filing Requirements

Filing Requirements


The following are due on or before March 1 of each year:

The following is due on or before July 1 of each year:

  • Premium Finance Company Initial Registration OR Renewal Registration
    Premium finance companies must register to conduct business in Maryland. These forms are to be used for initial registration and renewals. 

The following is due on or before September 15 of each year:


Health Company Required Filings


Credit Insurance Required Filings

Holding Company Requirements

Statutory Accounting Principles