Homeowners Disclosure Notice Template

The Maryland Insurance Administration has been asked by the General Assembly to draft a homeowners disclosure to help Marylanders better understand some of the things that are covered and not covered under their homeowners insurance policies. This disclosure is an attempt to provide this information in an easy-to-understand format for Marylanders.
During this past summer, Commissioner Redmer convened a workgroup of interested parties including insurance company representatives, industry association representatives, producer association representatives, People’s Insurance Counsel members and staff from the MIA to review the current mandated homeowners disclosures and see which disclosures could be consolidated into one form.
Please review the form HERE

Please review public comments on this proposed form HERE
Questions about the comments should be submitted in writing to Nick Cavey, Assistant Director of Government Relations and External Affairs, at nick.cavey@maryland.gov or 410-468-2173. Substantive questions concerning this form should be addressed to Nancy Egan, Director of Government Relations and External Affairs, at nancy.egan@maryland.gov or 410-468-2488.